Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full Bloom in May at Greenway!

Regular Fresh Loads of Tropicals in From Florida! Gorgeous! All Colors!
Baskets made up or pick out a mixture of your favorites for planters and pots

Planters of all Colors, Shapes and Sizes made up for Gifts or Ready to Enjoy on Your Patio!

Knock Out Roses - If you haven't heard of them, where have you been?

One of the beautiful entryways at Greenway. Come out and see the new look- OPEN ended Greenhouses. Step away from your hustle and bustle day and walk into this serene environment filled with flowing fountains, blooms and greenery. You may have a hummingbird buzz by or a butterfly land on your shoulder.

Baskets of all colors and sizes ready to go all spring and summer.

We have the most unusual plants, flowers and shrubs you can find in West TN. Sonny is always looking for unique varities while still offering you your traditional favorites.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grow Your Own Food Department

It's time to get in the dirt! Greenway has everything you need to start and maintain a successful garden. Gardening reduces stress, is great for family projects and trims your grocery bill significantly. Come by and check out all of the tax free food bearing plants and trees.

Home Grown Greenhouses

Now is a great time to walk through the greenhouses at Greenway and picture what you want to
decorate your flower beds, decorative pots and planters and patios. Talk to the expert staff and let them help you decide what will thrive in the area you are wanting to make beautiful!

Shrubs and Trees- Top Quality!

Live Art

Stop by and check out some living art! Flowers, fish,
pineapples and even Mickey Mouse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Greenhouses Coming to Life...Literally!!

In a few weeks, this greenhouse
will be bursting with blooms!
Reds, oranges, yellows, purples,
and pinks! Here you get a sneak peak
at what the greenhouses look like in

Sonny Checking on "the babies"....

Sonny and Denise refer to their tiny growing plants as "babies."
I guess it's because they require around the clock care, are
very fragile, and so much fun to watch grow!

Busy Hand Growing Your Favorite Bedding Plants!

Annie Howell has been growing bedding plants
and vegetables at Greenway Nursery for over 25 years.
She loves to watch the weekly changes in these tiny plants and watch them flourish into beautiful blooming
flowers. Mothers Day weekend is the busiest time
of the year for Greenway Nursery, and Annie Howell loves to watch the famous HUGE hanging baskets
go out one by one that weekend.
She takes pride in knowing she gave those beautiful
flowers their healthy start.
Speaking of mothers, Annie happens to be Denise
Williams', the owner's mother. I guess she gets her
pick of the beautiful baskets that weekend!

Greenway Nursery Delicious Jams and Jellies!

When you visit on a weekend,
you just might come by on a day
when Greenway is offering free
samples of their delicious jams and
jellies. They also have molasses,
syrups and even vidalia onion steak
Come by and try a sample!

Greenway is Bursting into Bloom!

Knock Out Roses are GROWING!
These roses are very popular not
only for their beauty, but for their
easy up keep! They do not require spraying of any kind, just a little pruning. Knock Out Roses come in
this gorgeous and bright red and also
in a light pink blush color and a rainbow variety, pink with a yellow

Visit Greenway's
get tips on incorporating food
bearing plants into your

Strawberry plants

Look how much they have grown
in just two weeks!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strawberry Plants

Tens of Thousands of strawberry plants in six different varieties are growing now!
These are cold storage plants, wrapped in bundles of 25. Start planting now!

Fruit Trees

Apple, Peach, Plum, Pear, Cherry, Pecan

We have thousands of blueberry,
blackberry, rasberry, muscadine, grape in the form of plants and vines.

All ready for planting now!


New Signage!

We have new beautiful colorful signs this year! You will be
able to spot just where you need to go from far away with our new
large colorful signs. Just drive by and you'll be able to see
what we've got ready to go from the road!


We have most any kind of seeds you can imagine...
from old favorites to new varities.

We also have seed potatoes, onion sets and more!

Let's get gardening!

This is How it All Starts...

You would not believe that 7 or 8 greenhouses full of plants come from such a small seeding area. This is my
early Sunday morning job.
Jack and I have planted tomato and pepper seed. These are always the first things to be planted.

What is That??

This strange looking gadget is about to come back to life after
the long winter. ProMix is dumped into the large hopper and
moistened with water for just the right texture. All the pots
and flats you see at nursery have been planted in this mix
from this machine. The mix goes down a conveyer belt and
fills each pot with just the right amount.

Shrub House

These are plants that were transplanted in June of 08.
They will be ready to plant in spring of 09. Many customers
bring a picture of their home and work with a specialist here to
help them with what will work best for them.
Don't just go out and buy what you think is pretty and looks good.
You need professional assistance to help you determine what will
flourish in that area, depending on which direction your home is
facing, the soil type, exposure, etc.
This can save you a lot time and money not having to buy


Come by and bring the children! Enjoy looking at our many
different varieties and colors of koi. We have very small to very large
to suit your needs for your waterpond.